Exotic dancers invest tremendous amounts of time to ensure the height of their possible physical beauty is achieved.The health and beauty industry creates products to fit every budget. High-end lash extensions, for example, can cost $125-$300 but there are $15-$25 lashes and strips that cost $1-$5.

Weaves and other false hair ranging from the thousands of dollars down to $50 allow a woman to budget in physical enhancements in order for her to be considered worthy of anything. Cosmetic surgery cost thousands of dollars and if you start to consider playing up each outfit with colorful eyelids, make-up could cost about the same amount. Women of all ages are using the waist trainers to tuck in tummies and padded bras to boost up “the girls.” Each of these items cost money and can keep a woman enslaved to better and better results. Some women get to the point where they forget what they ever looked like in the beginning.

She may shatter, delete or even burn any evidence that a make up free, weave- less version of themselves ever existed in the first place. Which makes me wonder what these women would look like in the spirit? I wonder if she invests time in keeping her spirit beautiful. She may say, “My spirit is naturally beautiful ,” or “Why do I need to invest time in order for me to have is beautiful spirit?” Which would make me then ask why they need all the time tweaking lipgloss and powdering their faces every 30 minutes to ensure their physical beauty?

Scriptures for Strippers is a guide to the Holy Bible for exotic dancers but will also inform women in general on how to pursue their dreams and prevail against any dark forces by teaching about how to properly fight spiritual warfare, how to exercise self-control and most important of all, the importance of nurturing and authentic relationship with God.

This devotional also assist with keeping a ledger, lists, thoughts, prayers or notes about everything from relationships to “Hater Incident Reports”. Let’s see how differently we can affect world by incorporating a regimen to keep our spirits as good as we keep our physical appearance. physical beauty. So again the question is what type of spiritual regimen do you maintain to keep a beautiful spirit? Other than going to church or listening to gospel music, many women don’t have any other regular way to nurture the beauty of their spirit.

Scriptures for Strippers can help because by providing a devotional to women who know how to nurture their physical beauty to its height it will help that same woman with a means to beautifying inside to match what’s outside.

Get your copy of Scriptures for Strippers today! Www.ScripturesForStrippers.com




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