As a woman who used to as an exotic dancer, I know I will be in transition for a while. I have not been back to work in 4 years but I still feel the negative effects on my life from my years as a stripper. I started dancing in 2001 and stopped in 2014. There is a total of 10 years of pauses in between but each time I went back I had to get used to a worse work dynamic. The envelope was always being pushed and it would be harder to earn money each time I returned to the game. There were more girls, willing to do a lot for a lot less money. The focus didn’t seem to be getting money but outdoing other girls by holding customers’ attention. Customers caught on and began using this to request the dancer allow access to her body by touching and not just watching.

As the Care Team Coordinator for 4Sarah, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting women in transition out of the adult entertainment lifestyle, my job is to help women in their transition by mentoring, connecting different resources and more importantly, helping her spirit heal and develop from the environment she is coming from. Scriptures for Strippers: The First and Only Devotional to the Holy Bible for Women in Adult Entertainment is a tool used to help fight the spiritual warfare a woman who is stuck in OR struggling to stay free from must fight to live a healthy life.

I have always wanted to sit around with women who have dealt with the same issues in the strip club and talk about our issues together. I had no one to discuss certain things with and whenever I tried to express any ideas or concerns about my work issues I was always met with either judgement or apathy. After writing Scriptures For Strippers, many women privately reached out to me because God has revealed to me how to navigate my way through the wilderness by clinging to Him. I understand the need for encouragement even if a woman is still working in the club each night and hates it.

I am so excited to announce the second IN PERSON support group for strippers hosted by 4Sarah, Inc on August 23, 2018 in Conyers, GA from 7pm-9pm. Registration is mandatory for this private event and I am looking forward to the same sisterhood, spiritual healing and support that occurred during the last meeting. We discussed how to move forward while examining our talents, abilities and gifts to transition into the multifaceted being we are.

Sometimes a woman hasn’t figured out what else to do so she has to continue doing this job until she can find another way to support herself and her family. For this reason, there is a weekly virtual support group for women who work in adult entertainment. Each Saturday from 7pm-8pm EST a conference call is held where anyone in the country can call in and get prayer, encouragement, express herself or get resources for her transition.

I am excited because I know there is a need and women will be inspired, equipped and encouraged by this call.

For more information, please contact Sayuri Smith at

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