This blog is for women all over the world who work in the adult entertainment field. I am a retired exotic dancer for Atlanta, GA and I understand how hard it is to cope with the internal plights and struggles
of working in a strip club. The fact that a woman chooses to work in a strip club should not separate her from God. Having a relationship with God is a privilege for EVERY human being who desires it. Being a dancer can sometimes make some girls feel estranged from developing and nurturing that personal relationship with God for herself.

Many people in society don’t feel like a woman who dances half or fully nude deserve the opportunity to pray to, depend on and trust that God will sustain her where she is in life. The Bible says Come as you are. That means you can come to Him with anything and He will set you straight. This doesn’t mean He will make you stop dancing but he He may open your eyes up to develop a better way to live… Regardless of where you work. Time out for holy rollers who look down on girls who dance and will damn them to hell because of a profession! Time out for hopelessness, despair and depression the strip club can bring. Time out for girls to go to work without preparing with proper prayer so they can be blessed at work… In the spirit (with unshakable joy) and in the natural (make money sufficient to cover their needs).

This blog is an accompaniment to a devotional and guide to the Holy Bible God led me to write called Scriptures for Strippers. I pray you, your home girls and anybody who reads these posts are blessed and encouraged.
Please visit the official website for more info
“Get Prayed Up Before You Get Paid Up”.


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